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Healthy and Yummy Dinner

29 Sep

Tonights dinner is filled with healthy goodness. i made I made salads with green leaf lettuce and spinach,  topped with peppers, onions, mixed nuts, and a little feta. For a side I made some delicious sweet potato fries. Even though sweet potatoes are SUCH a pain to cut, it is well worth the sweat for these sweet sweet fries! YUM!



I had a great work out today. A little free weights, a little ellyptical and a little stepping makes me a happy girl!

Does anyone else like free weights? What is your favorite type of strength training?


Omelette Heaven

27 Sep

I am a big fan omelettes! I prefer them for dinner rather than breakfast.  I stuff as many veggies as a can into it. I have this great tool that I bought at a Pampered Chef party that makes veggie chopping SOOO easy. The Food Chopper is truly amazing. I place the veggies under the blade, push it down and it chops. With each press, the blade spins to mince the food evenly.

veggies in the food chopper Carrots in the Food Chopper


Once all the veggies are

chopped I mix the with the eggs to make an omelette.

For a side, I make home made chips. I use NASOYA’s Wonton wrappers.

How to make the chips”

  • Cut the square wrappers into small triangles
  • Place them on a pan lightly sprayed with cooking spray
  • Spray the top with cooking spray to help them get crispy
  • Sprinkle with salt

Set the oven at 350 degrees and cook until they are a golden brown.

To finish of this dish, I use some of my dads amazing home made salsa for the chips AND the omelette.


Yum! This is one of my favorite meals!!


23 Sep

So, my attempt a drinking tea instead of coffee lasted only two days. I didn’t think I was addicted to coffee but I DEFINATLY am. I had splitting head aches both day. The kind of head ache that sits right between your eyes and makes you feel dizzy and out of focus or like you fell down a staircase hitting your head on every step. 

 So now I am sitting, drinking my cup of addiction and loving it.

I know tea has caffeine to, some people say it has more caffeine then coffee, so why the withdrawal effect?


I still want to give tea a shot. Im going to slowly ween myself off the coffee by drinking tea one day and coffee the next.


I hope it works!

Fall Changes

20 Sep

I started my Sunday morning off with a great sweat session. I love my Sunday morning routine. I headed to the gym, ,  around 7:30. I started with a quick elliptical warm up to get my blood pumping. At 8:15 it’s BODY PUMP. This hour long class hits all the right places. Using a weighted bar we do squats, lunges, triceps, biceps, shoulders, back…..basically everything. It’s a  great workout!

At 9:30 is trekking. This class takes place on the treadmill. The instructor takes you from walking and running up hills to lunging, squatting and sidestepping during this half hour class.   The class usually has 5-10 people, but today it was just me! I got a one on one section. It was great. I was tired before the class started and was thinking about backing out,  but I couldn’t once I saw I was the only one who signed up! I felt great after the class and I am glad I pushed through!

For breakfast I made some plain oatmeal mixed with cinnamon an apple and a little peanut butter.

By nature I am a coffee girl, but lately, the coffee just hasn’t been cutting it. A girl who could drink coffee all day can now barely get one cut down.

101_0931 (2)

I decided to try some tea. I have a huge tea case with tons of different flavors. Today I went with the ginger flavored tea. I must say I am very happy with this switch. The tea was sweet (I added 1 splenda pack) enough to keep me wanting more and the warming flavor makes me feel great.


I think I’m going to keep this tea kick up!

I love it!

Apple Crisp

19 Sep

Last night for dinner we were suppose to have grilled tilapia, corn, and steamed broccoli.  Well, it ended up being more like corn and broccoli. We are still working on figuring out the best way to cook fish in the grill. The cooking spray didn’t work that well and most of the fish stuck to the tinfoil, or fell through the slates of the grill to a fiery death. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was a pretty pathetic looking dinner.

Any tips for grilling fish?

But desert! That’s a different story. Desert was awesome. I found a pretty simple recipe for apple crisps to whip up.

Here is the work in progress.


For the crisp part, I mixed flour, sugar, light brown sugar, light margarine, one packet of plain instant oatmeal and a little water.

I ended up slicing only two apples, (it was just my boyfriend and I eating it, so we didn’t need that much.)

I topped the chopped apples with some sugar and lemon juice before putting the crisp mix on top.

It baked for about 35 minutes… and vuala!

101_0927Boy oh boy was this good! We finished it off with  dollop of vanilla yogurt.

Fall is defiantly here!

Freddie is here!

15 Sep

Spring 09 015

I have joint custody with my parents, he is here after being away for a few weeks….yeahhh!

Peanut Butter or Not?

13 Sep

I have never been very good a making “healthy” choices when it comes to food. I was the queen at finding the “lightest” option, always thinking, “what can I eat that has the least calories, fat, ect. Even though it can be good to go for lighter options it should no be the determining factor of what you put in your mouth.

Foods like avocados, bread, cheese, cream cheese, pasta and peanut butter I would NOT touch!

I am slowing trying to shift my focus to what is “healthy” for my body.

One step has been eating peanut butter almost everyday.

However, as a read many other healthy living blogs, I see that no one has the type of peanut butter I have. I see thinks like almond butter, Barney butter and other alternatives.

I decided to compare the types of peanut butter at my local grocery mart.

Here are the Nutrition Facts off the can of the peanut butter I usually buy, and a jar of Teddy Chunky Unsalted Peanut butter.


Even though they have relatively the same amount to fat and calories, that sodium content in the generic peanut butter is WAY higher than the Teddy’s.

16- mg v. 0- of salt!

Generic’s Ingredients: Roasted peanuts, peanut oil, CORN SYRUP(yikes!), Hydrogenated Rapesseed- (WHAT!), Cottenseed oils, and Salt.


Teddy’s Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts.

and now for the taste test…….

My pallet is excited! The Teddy is SOOOOO much more satisfying. I just had a little bit, which is still suck to the roof of my mouth, and am amazed. It is chunky, fresh, and taste like a real hearty peanut butter should.

I have defiantly changed my ways, and a going to buy the natural Peanut butter from now on.

Who knows, maybe next time I can compare Teddy Peanut butter to Almond butter!

Also, I went to the gym this morning for a nice work out. Every sunday morning, I do an hour of BODY PUMP and one half hour of a class called TRECKING. I got my muscle toning and cardio in!

I am ready for the day!