Sneaker Dilemma

9 Sep

A few years ago I went to, a sports store focused on finding you the best sneaker.  They work one on one with you,  watching your running style and determining your foot type.  After a little question and answer secession, POOFF…  my perfect sneakers were placed on my feet. When I put on those Nikes, nothing could stop me.  I could fly! It was like walking on air!

When my sneaks began showing wear and tear,  I found the same pair on I should have bought the whole stalk because the next time I needed sneakers, they had been discontinued:(.

Lucky after searching high and low for my beloved sneaks, I found them! On clearance at a Nike outlet! It was one of the luckiest days of my life. I was ecstatic!

So, I had my third and final pair of dream sneakers.

Since then I have gone through so many pairs I cant keep track. In one week I bought and returned about 10 pairs.

I gave up on my search for the perfect pair and settled for a pair that seemed conformable and had good support.


My boyfriend talked me it Asics. But I’m not feeling the love. I am a Nike girl at heart.

Unfortunately,  these sneakers are  just not cutting it.

I think I need to get refitted for my “Special Pair” and start a new love affair.

I am partial to Nikes.  Can one brand suit you better than another?


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