Peanut Butter or Not?

13 Sep

I have never been very good a making “healthy” choices when it comes to food. I was the queen at finding the “lightest” option, always thinking, “what can I eat that has the least calories, fat, ect. Even though it can be good to go for lighter options it should no be the determining factor of what you put in your mouth.

Foods like avocados, bread, cheese, cream cheese, pasta and peanut butter I would NOT touch!

I am slowing trying to shift my focus to what is “healthy” for my body.

One step has been eating peanut butter almost everyday.

However, as a read many other healthy living blogs, I see that no one has the type of peanut butter I have. I see thinks like almond butter, Barney butter and other alternatives.

I decided to compare the types of peanut butter at my local grocery mart.

Here are the Nutrition Facts off the can of the peanut butter I usually buy, and a jar of Teddy Chunky Unsalted Peanut butter.


Even though they have relatively the same amount to fat and calories, that sodium content in the generic peanut butter is WAY higher than the Teddy’s.

16- mg v. 0- of salt!

Generic’s Ingredients: Roasted peanuts, peanut oil, CORN SYRUP(yikes!), Hydrogenated Rapesseed- (WHAT!), Cottenseed oils, and Salt.


Teddy’s Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts.

and now for the taste test…….

My pallet is excited! The Teddy is SOOOOO much more satisfying. I just had a little bit, which is still suck to the roof of my mouth, and am amazed. It is chunky, fresh, and taste like a real hearty peanut butter should.

I have defiantly changed my ways, and a going to buy the natural Peanut butter from now on.

Who knows, maybe next time I can compare Teddy Peanut butter to Almond butter!

Also, I went to the gym this morning for a nice work out. Every sunday morning, I do an hour of BODY PUMP and one half hour of a class called TRECKING. I got my muscle toning and cardio in!

I am ready for the day!


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