Apple Crisp

19 Sep

Last night for dinner we were suppose to have grilled tilapia, corn, and steamed broccoli.  Well, it ended up being more like corn and broccoli. We are still working on figuring out the best way to cook fish in the grill. The cooking spray didn’t work that well and most of the fish stuck to the tinfoil, or fell through the slates of the grill to a fiery death. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was a pretty pathetic looking dinner.

Any tips for grilling fish?

But desert! That’s a different story. Desert was awesome. I found a pretty simple recipe for apple crisps to whip up.

Here is the work in progress.


For the crisp part, I mixed flour, sugar, light brown sugar, light margarine, one packet of plain instant oatmeal and a little water.

I ended up slicing only two apples, (it was just my boyfriend and I eating it, so we didn’t need that much.)

I topped the chopped apples with some sugar and lemon juice before putting the crisp mix on top.

It baked for about 35 minutes… and vuala!

101_0927Boy oh boy was this good! We finished it off with  dollop of vanilla yogurt.

Fall is defiantly here!


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