Fall Changes

20 Sep

I started my Sunday morning off with a great sweat session. I love my Sunday morning routine. I headed to the gym, http://www.pumpsfit.com/ ,  around 7:30. I started with a quick elliptical warm up to get my blood pumping. At 8:15 it’s BODY PUMP. This hour long class hits all the right places. Using a weighted bar we do squats, lunges, triceps, biceps, shoulders, back…..basically everything. It’s a  great workout!

At 9:30 is trekking. This class takes place on the treadmill. The instructor takes you from walking and running up hills to lunging, squatting and sidestepping during this half hour class.   The class usually has 5-10 people, but today it was just me! I got a one on one section. It was great. I was tired before the class started and was thinking about backing out,  but I couldn’t once I saw I was the only one who signed up! I felt great after the class and I am glad I pushed through!

For breakfast I made some plain oatmeal mixed with cinnamon an apple and a little peanut butter.

By nature I am a coffee girl, but lately, the coffee just hasn’t been cutting it. A girl who could drink coffee all day can now barely get one cut down.

101_0931 (2)

I decided to try some tea. I have a huge tea case with tons of different flavors. Today I went with the ginger flavored tea. I must say I am very happy with this switch. The tea was sweet (I added 1 splenda pack) enough to keep me wanting more and the warming flavor makes me feel great.


I think I’m going to keep this tea kick up!

I love it!


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