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More about New Sneakers

11 Nov

I was so excited to get my new sneakers, but something just wasn’t right. The right one felt great, but my foot seemed to slide around in the left one. I was lacing them like they were hockey stakes to get them tight enough. I decide I should go back to the store and try a different size.

I went to Marathon Sport after my gym session so my feet were in “exercise form”. I was told that your feet expand when you exercise, so I thought I would find the best fit if my feet were in that state.

I  was pleased to find that the women working agreed with my suspicion that my sneakers were to big.

I tried a smaller, more snug size and a said, “they are a perfect fit!” I felt like Cinderella!

Apparently comfort is in the eye of the beholder. When I original bought my new sneakers, the man helping me had me try on a 6 1/2 and 7. He said the more room in the toe area the better. I have always worn 6 1/2, and they felt way better than the 7 so I went with them.

When I returned the sneakers, this worker told me they should be tighter, and I agree. I like the snug fit.

I am so glad that I listened to my feet and went for a smaller pair. And for that amount of money, they should fit like a glove!


Do you prefer a tight fit sneaker or a more roomy pair?

I was so excited, I went for a little jog down town, there seemed to be a lot of action on main street and I wanted to check it out. As I flew down main street in my new sneakers, the dark street soon lit up with ridiculously blinding lights, and people were just hanging out. I asked a woman what was going on, and she replied, (almost jumping up and down), “Ben Affleck is in that building, they are shooting a move! They are coming out at 10, we are waiting for them” ( It was only 7:30 at the time) I wasn’t going to hang out on the street for 3 hours to ketch a glimpse of him, but its is really cool that they are shooting a movie in this little town, and that Ben Affleck is like 1/4 mile from my house!


Old meets New

10 Nov

Finally! I got my new sneakers!!! I have been waiting and waiting for a new pair, and they are finally here.


Nike doesn’t make the older model anymore, so I had to find the closest fit, and this is what I found.

101_1100I decided on the Nike Zoom Vemero 3, how hot are they?

They are unbelievably sleek and comfortable.

I purchased my new kicks at Marathon Sport in Melrose. The man who helped me decide on my pick said these sneakers have the best cushioning, and he was right.

I ran yesterday like I haven’t run in a very very long time.

Lately running has been difficult for me. I get leg pain, my feet hurt and it just take a lot of effort to get out and go.

It’s funny how a pair of sneakers can re motivate me and help me get back into running.

I can’t wait to run again today.