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3 out of 5 ain’t bad

23 Jan

Well 3 out of 5 isn’t bad right? I managed to control my night time boredom eating Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday, I had a splitting headache, so I decided that I could have dessert. That dessert turned into, not one, not two, but three, yes three servings. Typically, this slip would send me into a downward spiral, but I told myself to stop and vowed to get right back on track. And I did. I drank a glass of water and called it a night.

I am still reading Skinny Bitch and have stared using some of their tips.

I cut out coffee! No coffee you say? That is crazy! Crazy but true. Yesterday was my first day coffee free and I had a splitting headache all day. I know it was from caffeine withdrawal. I didn’t like that my body was hurting because I wasn’t having something. I knew having a cup of coffee would help my headache, but that would be feeding the addiction. Why would I want something in my body that I get withdraws from?!?. Instead of coffee, I’m drinking organic caffeine free green tea. It will take some time getting use to, but it’s a good change.

(I am going to treat myself to coffee on Saturdays only. 🙂 My relaxed day).

In following the books tips, I also bough some soy milk and tofu.

Today for breakfast I had plan yogurt mixed with tofu, topped with flaxseed, mixed berries and cereal. I also had my organic cafine free green tea!

Lunch was light; I had a ton of baby carrots with cream cheese and rice cakes.

I have also been trying to increase my water intake. From reading this book I have learned to think of water as a flusher. It flushes out toxins in the body, a healthy detox.

I just had a hand full of mixed nuts and am contemplating what to have for dinner. It’s no fun cooking for 1!


Go Vegan?

22 Jan

Has anyone ever ready Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin? I picked it up at the library last night and I already ½ way done with it! I’m even taking notes!

I though this book just gave tips on healthy eating, I was unprepared for the meat bashing and strong vegan influence the book has, but I’m not disappointed, like I said I’m half way through it! If I were to go along with this diet, cutting out meat wouldn’t be that difficult. I really only eat fish and chicken (I don’t really even like chicken). My difficulty would be cutting out the CHEESE, specifically, cottage cheese! I am obsessed with the stuff.

But I did go out and buy soy milk and tofu to start making the switch…. Small steps toward veganism????…. Maybe. I want to give it a try though. I also bought tons of fresh fruit and veggies.

I am excited to finish this book and attempt to incorporate some of the healthy switches into my plan!

Keeping on Track

21 Jan

Yeah! I stayed on track. I honestly cant remember the late time I had a whole night to myself, the TV, and boredom, and didn’t have 3 or 4 serving of ice cream, a whole bag a tortilla chips, or endless win and chocolate! But I did it. I had a well rounded dinner and finished it off with a nice, low cal (25 to be exact) cup of hot coco, with a few marshmallows. (Although I did pop a hand full or two of marshmallows while waiting for the coco to warm, but I think the night was a success!!

I hope to keep it up today too!

Today for Breakfast I had my “Staple” breakfast. I honestly am obsessed with this breakfast and try to change it up occasionally. I mix ¼ cup plain yogurt with ¼ cup cottage cheese, I spoon full ground flax seed and top it with frozen berries and cereal! Sooo Good!

Lunch was left over stir fry I made for Pat and me the other night. You can’t see them, but there are baby scallops in there. Pat hates the texture of scallops, but because they were so small, and flavored with soy sauce, he said they weren’t that bad. (Seriously, I can’t believe how good he is getting with food, when I first met him he was grossed out by veggies, now he eats broccoli and carrots raw! I am such a good influence 😉 )

After work I hit the gym for an hour of cardio (20 elliptical/ 20 step mill/ 20 run) and Body Pump class. I’m pooped!!

Dinner I whipped up a spinach salad, with mandarin orange, mixed nuts and Feta. Also Delicious!!

By the by….. If you love a good deal like I do you will love this! Check it out!

I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but that is a huge can of mixed nuts, with NO PEANUTS for just 10 bucks!!!!

I think its my new favorite thing!

1st Day of Plan Healthy

20 Jan

My first day of getting back on track has gone well so far… well, it isn’t quite night yet, and the boredom hasn’t sunk in. But, so far so good. I decided that the best way to track my progress was to wright everything down. I made a little food journal to log all my meals and exercise.

I start every morning with a multivitamin and a Viactiv Calcium supplement and as always, coffee.

I logged everything I ate today in my new handy dandy food journal. I left a little space at the bottom for my exercise.

Today at the gym, my routine was long, but I took it easy. I plan on working out really hard Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and taking it easy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays, I will exercise if I feel like it, and Sundays are my favorite, first thing in the AM Body Pump! (More on that little obsession later!)

I forgot to take pictures of my meals earlier to day (I will get the hang of this sooner or later I swear), but I did snap some shots of my dinner.

I made pita pizzas for one! I load a halved pizza with as many veggies I could, carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli and spinach, and sprinkle with a little cheese.

Here is a shot before I popped them in the oven.

It’s been one day since Pat has started working nights and I’m already lonely.

At least I have American Idol and my beautiful Pita Pizzas to keep me company!

A Fresh Start

19 Jan

Ok, I have decided to start doing this blog thing again, AND to do it much more consistantly. I started this blog to help hold myself accountable for the food I eat and the exercise I do. However, I have been slacking. It’s been a busy time with tones of food, family parties, (it is the holiday season!), work, and……MOVING!

That’s right, my boyfriend and I took the big plunge….

We bought a condo!!!!!

I love it, it’s perfect for us, but it was a lot of work dealing with the physical move and all the prep, paperwork, and stress that is involve. But in the end it was TOTALLY worth it!

Over all, yes I have been slacking on bloging, I have been slacking on eating healthy, and I have been slacking on exercise.

I said to myself, OK, January 1st, time to be healthy. But every week I find an excuse to put off my “healthy eating” for another week.

But this is it! No more excuses!

My most recent excuse to indulge and skip on exercing was to spend time with my boyfriend. His work schedule will be changing soon and we will never see each other, I will be working days and he will be working nights. So lately I have just been spending as much time with him as possible, which means, eating crap, and hanging around.

But his new schedule has started and my new plan has begun!

One of my biggest issues is night time boredom eating. And guess what, now that Pat is working nights… I will be board and probably want to revert back to my old ways of eating everything in sight, because it is there, and because I a board.

But that is NOT going to happen!!! I have a plan!!

I am going to maximum my time by getting in great gym sessions and by preparing healthy meals.

My goal is:

*3 square meals a day:

*Eating more Fruits and Veggies

*Picking healthy snacks

*Drinking more water

*Preparing healthy dinner for my self (If I don’t have my boyfriend to cook for, I don’t bother_

*Asking myself if I am really hungry, or am I just board.

My plan kick starts tomorrow.

I plan on logging everything I eat. I will try to take as many pictures as a can.

Hopefully I will be able to stick with this plan and utilize the blog to share my progress!

See ya tomorrow!