Keeping on Track

21 Jan

Yeah! I stayed on track. I honestly cant remember the late time I had a whole night to myself, the TV, and boredom, and didn’t have 3 or 4 serving of ice cream, a whole bag a tortilla chips, or endless win and chocolate! But I did it. I had a well rounded dinner and finished it off with a nice, low cal (25 to be exact) cup of hot coco, with a few marshmallows. (Although I did pop a hand full or two of marshmallows while waiting for the coco to warm, but I think the night was a success!!

I hope to keep it up today too!

Today for Breakfast I had my “Staple” breakfast. I honestly am obsessed with this breakfast and try to change it up occasionally. I mix ¼ cup plain yogurt with ¼ cup cottage cheese, I spoon full ground flax seed and top it with frozen berries and cereal! Sooo Good!

Lunch was left over stir fry I made for Pat and me the other night. You can’t see them, but there are baby scallops in there. Pat hates the texture of scallops, but because they were so small, and flavored with soy sauce, he said they weren’t that bad. (Seriously, I can’t believe how good he is getting with food, when I first met him he was grossed out by veggies, now he eats broccoli and carrots raw! I am such a good influence 😉 )

After work I hit the gym for an hour of cardio (20 elliptical/ 20 step mill/ 20 run) and Body Pump class. I’m pooped!!

Dinner I whipped up a spinach salad, with mandarin orange, mixed nuts and Feta. Also Delicious!!

By the by….. If you love a good deal like I do you will love this! Check it out!

I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but that is a huge can of mixed nuts, with NO PEANUTS for just 10 bucks!!!!

I think its my new favorite thing!


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