Go Vegan?

22 Jan

Has anyone ever ready Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin? I picked it up at the library last night and I already ½ way done with it! I’m even taking notes!

I though this book just gave tips on healthy eating, I was unprepared for the meat bashing and strong vegan influence the book has, but I’m not disappointed, like I said I’m half way through it! If I were to go along with this diet, cutting out meat wouldn’t be that difficult. I really only eat fish and chicken (I don’t really even like chicken). My difficulty would be cutting out the CHEESE, specifically, cottage cheese! I am obsessed with the stuff.

But I did go out and buy soy milk and tofu to start making the switch…. Small steps toward veganism????…. Maybe. I want to give it a try though. I also bought tons of fresh fruit and veggies.

I am excited to finish this book and attempt to incorporate some of the healthy switches into my plan!


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