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Pizza Night!

30 May

Yesterday was a beautiful day. P-O double and I went for a nice long 7 mile run, the longest I have done in a while. My boyfriend has become quite the runner in the past several month. We use to go for runs and I would be moving along with ease, while he was huffing and puffing, cursing at me because he would be ready to finish and I would say “want to go a little further”. Recently he has grown to really enjoy running. On Monday he said to me, “I wonder if I could do 9 miles?” I said, “who are you and where is my boyfriend?” When it comes to running, he has used it as a form of exercise, but when he told me he wanted to run 9 miles, I knew that he had grown to love it, and even maybe, have a passion for it. On Monday he completed his 9 mile run and was surprised that he could do it. He was proud of himself and so was I.

I have to step up my game to keep up with him. Maybe a half marathon is in our future!

Later that day, we took Neo for a quick walk to get some fresh air. For some reason we were both craving pizza. (Pat always craves pizza, but for me it’s a rare occasion)

Since I have been trying to eat vegan, I wanted to get a pizza without cheese. I was nervous because I didn’t want the pizza people to think I was a weirdo, but it was my lucky day. We decided to order from Pearl Street Station, the pizzas are not typical greasy pizza parlour pizza, they are fresh and taste home-made. We pulled the menu up on- line, and to my surprise at the top it said, “Please specify no cheese orders”. Yeahh!!! So they have had no cheese pizzas orders before! I’m not going to be the first weirdo!

I ordered a small Garden Delight Pizza, and boy was it delightful. It was loaded with olives, mushrooms, red pepper, onions and basil. I did not miss the cheese at all! Soooo good!. I ‘ wait for leftovers! ( I had 3 slices!!!!)


Veggie of the Week: BEET

29 May

What the heck do I do with this? The only time I have ever heard of someone eating beets is from a Nickelodeon cartoon I watched when I was younger called Doug where the main character, Doug, loved beets, and a band named after them.  Now I have a beet (the vegetable, not a band) in my kitchen and don’t have the slightest clue what to do with it. Do I add it raw to a salad, do I roast it, do I steam it, or do I bake it in a pie? It looks lie a big purple onion, but I have no idea what it taste like or what its texture is like.

I am open to suggestions on the best use for this mystery vegetable. Help!

Yucca Fries

27 May

So it only took me about a week to finally use the Yucca. Let me explain, the past few days have been ridiculously hot! We are on the 3rd floor of a 3 family house aka we live in the attic! Our thermostat goes to 90 degrees; it was hotter than that. That’s all I know. I lugged an old school AC up the 3 floors hoping for some relief, but it only cooled our bedroom to about 80F. Well, that better than 90+ right? So basically, my dinners have consisted of smoothies and ice water the past few days.

But tonight, the Veggie of the week was cooked: Yucca, Yucca fries!

I paired the fries with Chips, Kale chips. (Sounds like it’s a wicked “bad-for-you” dinner, but the fries are yucca and the chips are Kale!)

The Kale was fab as usual. The Yucca was surprising. When I was cutting it up, it seemed a little milky. I couldn’t picture how it could turn into fries. The final product was actually pretty good. They tasted like a mix between tortilla chips and french fries (I know! Weird combo, but that’s really what they taste like)

Overall, they are good, a little bland, but nothing a little more salt and oil can’t fix. My only complaint is there is kind of a strange after taste. Not bad, just different. It taste like it smells.

I will def try these again, and trick Pat into thinking they are home made french fries;)

Here’s how I made them:

I set the oven at 400, peeled and cut the yucca into fries, sprayed a pan, placed the yucca on the pan, sprayed again with olive oil spray, and sprinkled with salt.

I cooked them for about 20 minutes, flipped, then another 10-15 minutes.

Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy!


Vegetable of the week….or is it a Fruit?

20 May

I had mentioned before that each week I am trying to buy a fruit or vegetable that I have never had before. I just started doing this and am finding a lot of great recipes!

This week’s veggie:

Yucca, although, I’m not sure if it is a fruit or vegetable. It seems to be comparable to a yam or potato, so vegetable?. I have to do some research to find the best way to use it.

Any ideas?

Treadmill v Hitting the Road

17 May

Do you find it easier running on a treadmill or outside?

I don’t know if there is a “scientific” different between the two, but my body defiantly moves better on a treadmill. Maybe it’s because the treadmill helps propel me forward? There is no moving floor outside, so the only thing making me move is me! I have never noticed a difference until recently. I use to run all the time, both outside and on the treadmill. I could go for long runs outside and never feel weak or unable to finish, oe I would run on the treadmill and be able to challenge my self with hills and speed. I cut way back on running for a while and am trying to get back into it. Running on the treadmill seems so much easier! Especially if I warm up on the step master (it gets my legs nice and loose!) Today, my outside run seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r, (f-O-r-E-v-E-r- said as the kid in the Sandlot) and I had no motivation or energy to motor it up a hill or sprint between telephone poles, or race the traffic (one of my favourites!)  I hope my body will adjust to running outside soon!

On another note,

Tonight’s dinner was absolutely FABOULUS! My goal has been to try one new fruit or vegetable each week. A few weeks ago it was kale, this week it was parsnips, and tonight I prepared both using amazing recipes from the blog world.  Kale Crisps have been all over the place, I just had to try them, and Angela from Oh She Glows has raved about these parsnip fries, so I figured I’d give it a go.

My taste buds are so happy!!!

I love learning new recipes!!

For the Kale Crisp:

  • 5 heads of Kale- washed and ripped into bite size pieces (removing the center stem)
  • Spray oil
  • Salt
  • Minced garlic flakes
  • Onion Powder

Heat oven to 350,Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil and spread the Kale out flat, spray with oil and sprinkle salt, garlic, and onion powder, bake 10minute or until crispy.

And for the Parsnip Fries:

  • 5 parsnips (pealed and cut into fries)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ tsp salt

Heat oven to 400, line a cookie sheet tinfoil, mix peanut butter, oil and salt, then add parsnips and toss around until coated with the mixture. Spread them out on the pan and bake for 40 minutes, and then enjoy a little bit ‘o’ heaven!

(I made a double batch to have some for tomorrow 🙂 )

Pretty Nice Little Saturday

15 May

What a great day! I woke up with a strong craving for carrots, I have no idea why. I came up with surprising great concoctions.

Carrot Concoction:

  • 2 carrots
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp ginger

Bullet-it and watch the magic!

I also had a piece of my failed sweet potato bread.

I was very satisfied with my yummy orange breakfast.

At around 11, P-O double and I enjoyed a glorious  6 mile run.

At around 1, ( once the puppy was fed and wee weed), we headed into Boston to enjoy the beautiful day.  We walked around Faneuil Hall for a while, enjoying the sights.

Can you guess which statue is the fake one?

It’s this one. Yup it was a man! Every couple of minutes he would change positions. Tricky Tricky!

Then we got some $2 drafts at Patty O’s.

Then we headed to Quincy Market!!!

Tones of fresh fruit and veggies!!

I got a pineapple for $2.00, 3 apples for $1.00, 4 oranges for $1.00 and 1 ½ lbs of red grapes for $1.50! (I forgot to take a picture of these delicious buys)

We came home for my very very delayed Cinco de Mayo dinner.

I bought these great tortilla bowls, filled them with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, sautéed peppers and onions, topped with some fake cheese and Joe’s Paradise Island Salsa.

This is Cinco de Mayo done right!


I wish every day were Saturday!

Baking Disaster # 2

13 May

I blame the public school systems. Yup, that’s the root to of all evils. What am I talking about? My high school did not provide home economics. I can’t sew, I can’t cook and I most certainly cannot bake. I feel like I missed. My boyfriend’s high school provide home ec., or as he called it “Foods and Yummies class” and even though he claims he doesn’t know how to cook, he does a heck of a lot better in the kitchen then I do.

My second attempt at baking went almost as bad as the first. I found a great recipe for sweet potato bread, with no sugar, eggs or butter! It looked delicious. I was so excited to get home and make it. I knew it was going to be a process because the recipe called for the sweet potatoes to be blended and my blender is basically a playschool model. So I blended and scrapped, scraped and blended, over and over, again, and again, (you get the point right? 😉 Finally, I had all the ingredients mixed, and I must say I was very excited to get it in the oven, the batter looked (and tasted) delicious.

I plopped the mixture in the bread pan, and cooked at the recommended heat for the recommended amount of time. When I pulled it out of the oven it looked  and smelled great. The top was nice and crispy and it smelled fantastic! I let it cool before attempting to remove it from the pan.

That is when all hell broke loose.

This is what happened.

Well, it might look awful, but the taste is phenomenal!!! It is sweet and spice and everything nice. The edges got nice and crispy but the middle stayed somewhat soggy. I don’t know what went wrong.

Oh well, not a total wash though. I’ll just eat it with a spoon.

P.S. When you bake, do you listen to music? I usually don’t but today I put some tunes on and it’s a whole new world. Usually I want to be done in the kitchen as soon as possible, but today I was all, “what can I make next?” as I danced and sang through baking disaster number 2.

If you want the recipe for this lovley dish, send me an email, I don’t dare post the disaster!