The good, the bad, the ugly

6 May

Well, my first attempt at vegan baking didn’t go so hot. On Happy Herbivore’s there is a brownie recipe that looks absolutely divine. Five or six simple ingredients, how could it go wrong? Well, wrong it went. The brownies from Happy Herbivore look thick, rich and mouth watering. Mine are flat, chewy and taste like chocolate banana.

A lot of blogs only post good. I’m going to post everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. This recipe definitely for fills the latter two… There are only two thinks I can think of that went wrong.

  1. The bananas were not ripe enough.
  2. The kitchen was to hot for baking. It was about 80 degrees, an oven an oven?


On another note, here is a list of think I need to get done, in the order of most crucial to least.

  1. Wedding shower gift for Ang
  2. Make mother’s day care for my mommy (yes I am 25 and still make cards for my parents)
  3. Get car fixed
  4. Switch out winter cloths for summer
  5. Put new light bulb in kitchen
  6. Get a hair cut/ dye
  7. Wedding Shower gift for Christine
  8. Clean common hallway
  9. Put new light bulb in hall light
  10. Try baking vegan again

Hummm….. one down, nine to go. Maybe I’ll make a card next.

Neo update: we can now walk the entire block with out him laying down and eating grass, or me dragging him down the street! We use to have a boxer, so I am use to manhandling an 75 lbs dog. controlling a 5 lbs creature is a wholenew ball game.


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