Baking Disaster # 2

13 May

I blame the public school systems. Yup, that’s the root to of all evils. What am I talking about? My high school did not provide home economics. I can’t sew, I can’t cook and I most certainly cannot bake. I feel like I missed. My boyfriend’s high school provide home ec., or as he called it “Foods and Yummies class” and even though he claims he doesn’t know how to cook, he does a heck of a lot better in the kitchen then I do.

My second attempt at baking went almost as bad as the first. I found a great recipe for sweet potato bread, with no sugar, eggs or butter! It looked delicious. I was so excited to get home and make it. I knew it was going to be a process because the recipe called for the sweet potatoes to be blended and my blender is basically a playschool model. So I blended and scrapped, scraped and blended, over and over, again, and again, (you get the point right? 😉 Finally, I had all the ingredients mixed, and I must say I was very excited to get it in the oven, the batter looked (and tasted) delicious.

I plopped the mixture in the bread pan, and cooked at the recommended heat for the recommended amount of time. When I pulled it out of the oven it looked  and smelled great. The top was nice and crispy and it smelled fantastic! I let it cool before attempting to remove it from the pan.

That is when all hell broke loose.

This is what happened.

Well, it might look awful, but the taste is phenomenal!!! It is sweet and spice and everything nice. The edges got nice and crispy but the middle stayed somewhat soggy. I don’t know what went wrong.

Oh well, not a total wash though. I’ll just eat it with a spoon.

P.S. When you bake, do you listen to music? I usually don’t but today I put some tunes on and it’s a whole new world. Usually I want to be done in the kitchen as soon as possible, but today I was all, “what can I make next?” as I danced and sang through baking disaster number 2.

If you want the recipe for this lovley dish, send me an email, I don’t dare post the disaster!


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