Back at it

7 Mar

Hello Bloggie!

I’m back at it again!! I really want to be consistent with the bloggie and am really, really going to try this time!

So what has happened since my last post. Hummm, lets see… oh yeah I’M GETTING MARRIED!

In four months, June 23 to be exact, I will be a married woman!

Yup, the P-O double (his new blog nick name, you like)  🙂 and I got engaged over the summer and I have been thinking about/planning/obsessing over the upcoming day ever since.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and have learned a tone of stuff. From Meals & Moves, I learned about the Body for Life program, from the Fitnessista I discovered and from I have found some great workout/ nutrition tips.

The Fitnessita has a great ’09 summer shape up plan that I have been following for 2 weeks. Now that I have looked into Body for life, and, I am going to use all three of these resources and created a personalized workout plan.

What works for me is mapping workouts on a weekly basis.

Hope this works! I’ll be back with more health logs and wedding info!



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