Is it summer yet?

8 Mar

I know, it’s not even spring yet, but I am sooooo ready for summer. Maybe it’s the slight increase in temperature. Maybe it’s the green grass that is finally showing threw the melting snow. Maybe it’s the fact that my wedding is getting closer and closer, or maybe its all the bathing suites a bought yesterday, but I want summer now!

I have never bought bathing suites at Target before, but one of my friends told me they have really cute ones this year and at great prices. She was sooo on right! I filled a shopping cart with suites to try on, they were all so adorable. (It was like going to the pest store and having to pick out your favorite puppy, they are all perfect!)

What I love about the Target bathing suites, is that each piece is sold separately.  Genius! I don’t know how many times I have tried on a bathing suite set only to have the  bottoms fit and the top didn’t, or vice versa. At only 14.99 each piece (no I don’t work for them), I bought six! How could I resist! I literally danced to the cash register with proof that the bright days of summer are right around the corner!

Here’s what I bought:


Hurry up summer!

I miss you,



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