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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

10 Mar

In the past, I though the longer the cardio session the better…so untrue. While it is important for long distance runners (marathoner and half marathoner) to rack up the mileage for strength and endurance, for the average person, trying to lose fat and gain muscle, these long distance runs won’t get you the results you want. And they take up a lot of time!

Sure I enjoy a nice long run now and then to clear my head, or enjoy a nice spring day, but during the winter months I do NOT run out side. Cold and snow are my nemesis.  In New England it seems winter lingers for 7 out of the 12 month a year. Winter and I just don’t get along. The cold gets deep in to my bone. I get achy, chills and sore. My circulation is poor so my feet because blocks of ice and every step is painful. What am I to do?

Long runs on the treadmill are not an option for me either. I get bored out of my mind!

And then I discovered High Intensity Interval Training, or more commonly refered to as HIIT.

Here are some sites  discussing the pros and cons of HIIT and give examples of different HIIT workouts.:

This form of training helps you burn fat while building muscle in the shortest amount of time possible.

20 minutes and your done.

High intensity intervals consist of a very intense interval, followed by a lower intensity interval. This cycle is typically repeated for 10-20 minutes.

HIIT can be done outside or inside the gym, on the treadmill, elliptical, step-mill or bike.  

Here is one of my favorite HIIT workouts:

On the treadmill:

Warm up 2

sprint all out 20 sec.

recover at a slow pace 40 sec.

repeat for 15 min

cool down for 2 min


Stick with it!

9 Mar

I have vowed several times to kick start my, “whittle for the wedding” plan, but have fallen of the ban wagon every time.

My current program seems to be the most successful! I don’t feel deprived or overwhelmed.  I am excited to follow the plan, and that is probably one of the most important factors to sticking with something.


Here is the plan:

Every Sunday I map out what I plan to eat, and workouts for each day. Having a set plan helps me stick with it and I know what to expect. It’s all in the mental preparation! Visualize the goal, visualize the goal!

I have learned that in order to change my body it’s about 70% what I eat, 20% what I do, and about 10% genetics. Knowing this, I have focused more on what I put into my mouth. I have always eaten relatively healthy (no fried food or meat), but now I focus on eating 5-6 small meals a day, and getting a wide variety of foods in my diet. Ideally at each meal, trying to get 40% carbs 40% protein, and 20% healthy fats.

Daily eats example:

Breakfast ½ cup oats in water or almond milk, ½ scoop protein powder, ½ mashed banana, cinnamon

Snake: apple

Lunch: Salad with nutritional yeast, almonds, olives, lemon juice

Snack: protein shake or yogurt or fruit

Dinner: Pita pizza or stir-fry or veggie burgers

Snack: frozen fruit with cottage cheese, cinnamon

I don’t seem to get hungry  eating 5-6 small meals a day and I’ve heard eating like this lowers belly fat! ( Score!)

For my workouts, I am doing 3 days of cardio, 3 days of weight training, 1 active rest day

My cardio days consist of a warm up, 10-20 min of HIIT and a cool down

My weight training days change with every work out. Doing the same thing over and over will not get you results! Incorporating new moves at different speeds and intensities will really get your muscles confused and working.

So far so good with this new plan!

Today is a cardio day! Here is what I did:

Time                Level

0-3                    4

3-5                    5

5-7                    7

7-7:30                9

7:00-10               6

10-12                 5

12-14                7

14-15:30            9

15:30-18            6

18-20                5

20-22                7

22-23:30            9

23:30-26            6

26-30                4

(from the Fitnessista)

20 min easy walk on the treadmill, incline 3%



Back at it

7 Mar

Hello Bloggie!

I’m back at it again!! I really want to be consistent with the bloggie and am really, really going to try this time!

So what has happened since my last post. Hummm, lets see… oh yeah I’M GETTING MARRIED!

In four months, June 23 to be exact, I will be a married woman!

Yup, the P-O double (his new blog nick name, you like)  🙂 and I got engaged over the summer and I have been thinking about/planning/obsessing over the upcoming day ever since.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and have learned a tone of stuff. From Meals & Moves, I learned about the Body for Life program, from the Fitnessista I discovered and from I have found some great workout/ nutrition tips.

The Fitnessita has a great ’09 summer shape up plan that I have been following for 2 weeks. Now that I have looked into Body for life, and, I am going to use all three of these resources and created a personalized workout plan.

What works for me is mapping workouts on a weekly basis.

Hope this works! I’ll be back with more health logs and wedding info!


Treadmill v Hitting the Road

17 May

Do you find it easier running on a treadmill or outside?

I don’t know if there is a “scientific” different between the two, but my body defiantly moves better on a treadmill. Maybe it’s because the treadmill helps propel me forward? There is no moving floor outside, so the only thing making me move is me! I have never noticed a difference until recently. I use to run all the time, both outside and on the treadmill. I could go for long runs outside and never feel weak or unable to finish, oe I would run on the treadmill and be able to challenge my self with hills and speed. I cut way back on running for a while and am trying to get back into it. Running on the treadmill seems so much easier! Especially if I warm up on the step master (it gets my legs nice and loose!) Today, my outside run seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r, (f-O-r-E-v-E-r- said as the kid in the Sandlot) and I had no motivation or energy to motor it up a hill or sprint between telephone poles, or race the traffic (one of my favourites!)  I hope my body will adjust to running outside soon!

On another note,

Tonight’s dinner was absolutely FABOULUS! My goal has been to try one new fruit or vegetable each week. A few weeks ago it was kale, this week it was parsnips, and tonight I prepared both using amazing recipes from the blog world.  Kale Crisps have been all over the place, I just had to try them, and Angela from Oh She Glows has raved about these parsnip fries, so I figured I’d give it a go.

My taste buds are so happy!!!

I love learning new recipes!!

For the Kale Crisp:

  • 5 heads of Kale- washed and ripped into bite size pieces (removing the center stem)
  • Spray oil
  • Salt
  • Minced garlic flakes
  • Onion Powder

Heat oven to 350,Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil and spread the Kale out flat, spray with oil and sprinkle salt, garlic, and onion powder, bake 10minute or until crispy.

And for the Parsnip Fries:

  • 5 parsnips (pealed and cut into fries)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ tsp salt

Heat oven to 400, line a cookie sheet tinfoil, mix peanut butter, oil and salt, then add parsnips and toss around until coated with the mixture. Spread them out on the pan and bake for 40 minutes, and then enjoy a little bit ‘o’ heaven!

(I made a double batch to have some for tomorrow 🙂 )

A Fresh Start

19 Jan

Ok, I have decided to start doing this blog thing again, AND to do it much more consistantly. I started this blog to help hold myself accountable for the food I eat and the exercise I do. However, I have been slacking. It’s been a busy time with tones of food, family parties, (it is the holiday season!), work, and……MOVING!

That’s right, my boyfriend and I took the big plunge….

We bought a condo!!!!!

I love it, it’s perfect for us, but it was a lot of work dealing with the physical move and all the prep, paperwork, and stress that is involve. But in the end it was TOTALLY worth it!

Over all, yes I have been slacking on bloging, I have been slacking on eating healthy, and I have been slacking on exercise.

I said to myself, OK, January 1st, time to be healthy. But every week I find an excuse to put off my “healthy eating” for another week.

But this is it! No more excuses!

My most recent excuse to indulge and skip on exercing was to spend time with my boyfriend. His work schedule will be changing soon and we will never see each other, I will be working days and he will be working nights. So lately I have just been spending as much time with him as possible, which means, eating crap, and hanging around.

But his new schedule has started and my new plan has begun!

One of my biggest issues is night time boredom eating. And guess what, now that Pat is working nights… I will be board and probably want to revert back to my old ways of eating everything in sight, because it is there, and because I a board.

But that is NOT going to happen!!! I have a plan!!

I am going to maximum my time by getting in great gym sessions and by preparing healthy meals.

My goal is:

*3 square meals a day:

*Eating more Fruits and Veggies

*Picking healthy snacks

*Drinking more water

*Preparing healthy dinner for my self (If I don’t have my boyfriend to cook for, I don’t bother_

*Asking myself if I am really hungry, or am I just board.

My plan kick starts tomorrow.

I plan on logging everything I eat. I will try to take as many pictures as a can.

Hopefully I will be able to stick with this plan and utilize the blog to share my progress!

See ya tomorrow!

More about New Sneakers

11 Nov

I was so excited to get my new sneakers, but something just wasn’t right. The right one felt great, but my foot seemed to slide around in the left one. I was lacing them like they were hockey stakes to get them tight enough. I decide I should go back to the store and try a different size.

I went to Marathon Sport after my gym session so my feet were in “exercise form”. I was told that your feet expand when you exercise, so I thought I would find the best fit if my feet were in that state.

I  was pleased to find that the women working agreed with my suspicion that my sneakers were to big.

I tried a smaller, more snug size and a said, “they are a perfect fit!” I felt like Cinderella!

Apparently comfort is in the eye of the beholder. When I original bought my new sneakers, the man helping me had me try on a 6 1/2 and 7. He said the more room in the toe area the better. I have always worn 6 1/2, and they felt way better than the 7 so I went with them.

When I returned the sneakers, this worker told me they should be tighter, and I agree. I like the snug fit.

I am so glad that I listened to my feet and went for a smaller pair. And for that amount of money, they should fit like a glove!


Do you prefer a tight fit sneaker or a more roomy pair?

I was so excited, I went for a little jog down town, there seemed to be a lot of action on main street and I wanted to check it out. As I flew down main street in my new sneakers, the dark street soon lit up with ridiculously blinding lights, and people were just hanging out. I asked a woman what was going on, and she replied, (almost jumping up and down), “Ben Affleck is in that building, they are shooting a move! They are coming out at 10, we are waiting for them” ( It was only 7:30 at the time) I wasn’t going to hang out on the street for 3 hours to ketch a glimpse of him, but its is really cool that they are shooting a movie in this little town, and that Ben Affleck is like 1/4 mile from my house!

Old meets New

10 Nov

Finally! I got my new sneakers!!! I have been waiting and waiting for a new pair, and they are finally here.


Nike doesn’t make the older model anymore, so I had to find the closest fit, and this is what I found.

101_1100I decided on the Nike Zoom Vemero 3, how hot are they?

They are unbelievably sleek and comfortable.

I purchased my new kicks at Marathon Sport in Melrose. The man who helped me decide on my pick said these sneakers have the best cushioning, and he was right.

I ran yesterday like I haven’t run in a very very long time.

Lately running has been difficult for me. I get leg pain, my feet hurt and it just take a lot of effort to get out and go.

It’s funny how a pair of sneakers can re motivate me and help me get back into running.

I can’t wait to run again today.