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Little Darlin’ Stir it up

9 Mar

Hooray for stir-fry!

One of my favorite simple but delicious meals!

I have a bunch of veggies that are about to go bad so I sautéed them up to make this  yummy din-din.

In the mix:

Carrots, Broccoli, onion, red cabbage, one can of chop suey, 1/2 bag of frozen, Asian style veggies

2 servings of brown rice

It’s simple:

*chop up the fresh veggies, start stir-frying in wok or pan sprayed with cooking spray

*once the veggies start to soften, add in the canned veggies

*after thawing frozen veggies in the microwave, add them to the mix

Do all this while the rice is cooking in a separate pot.

* Meanwhile, mix one teaspoon corn starch, 1/2 teaspoon sugar and 5 teaspoons soy sauce and set aside

Once all the veggies are soft, add in the soy sauce mixture

and voila:


Easy stir-fry din!




1st Day of Plan Healthy

20 Jan

My first day of getting back on track has gone well so far… well, it isn’t quite night yet, and the boredom hasn’t sunk in. But, so far so good. I decided that the best way to track my progress was to wright everything down. I made a little food journal to log all my meals and exercise.

I start every morning with a multivitamin and a Viactiv Calcium supplement and as always, coffee.

I logged everything I ate today in my new handy dandy food journal. I left a little space at the bottom for my exercise.

Today at the gym, my routine was long, but I took it easy. I plan on working out really hard Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and taking it easy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays, I will exercise if I feel like it, and Sundays are my favorite, first thing in the AM Body Pump! (More on that little obsession later!)

I forgot to take pictures of my meals earlier to day (I will get the hang of this sooner or later I swear), but I did snap some shots of my dinner.

I made pita pizzas for one! I load a halved pizza with as many veggies I could, carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli and spinach, and sprinkle with a little cheese.

Here is a shot before I popped them in the oven.

It’s been one day since Pat has started working nights and I’m already lonely.

At least I have American Idol and my beautiful Pita Pizzas to keep me company!