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Coming up Roses

12 Mar

Today my mother and I met with the florist to go over exactly what we need.  I am super excited about the flower! We are keeping the color scheme pretty neutral.  Ivories, creams, blush pinks and some greenery.

blush pink roses: comming

creamy hydrangea:


My bouquet and the centerpieces will have all these flowers.

My bridesmaid’s bouquets will be made up of blush pink roses and hydrangeas.

Groom and groomsmen, fathers and grandparents will get rose boutonniere,

My mother and soon to be mother-in-law will carry a few long stem white roses tied with ribbon.

Here are some of my eats today:

Breakfast was “fight the hangover oats”:

In the mix 1/2 packet instant Irish oats, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp pumpkin pure, 1 tsp plain yogurt, handful of raisins and water. I also had two cups of coffee.

Later on  I had a few bites of P-O double’s pizza, and a an apple with some peanut butter mixed with cinnamon and raisins.

For dinner I got a Greek salad take out. It wasn’t very pretty so I didn’t take any pictures.

Now its Jersey Shore Time!

~ Nicole


Wedding fun so far…

10 Mar

Since I have neglected the bloggie for sooo long, you have missed out on a LOT of wedding stuff. My mother and I are kind of obsessed with it. We haven’t fought yet (cross your fingers) and are enjoying every minute of the process.

Here is a little time lineup of what I have done and vendors I am using  (for anyone in th Boston area):

Day after engagement: started working on the guest list (which currently consists of 194 of our dearest friends and family)

Month 12-9:

Choose a Reception Site: Oceanview

We looked at about 6 places, but when we walked into Oceanview, we all looked at each other (P-O double, my parents, and me) and could tell this was it! The space has a laid back feel, kind of old fashion, with dark wood beams. What sold me, is the view and deck. The back wall of the room over looks the ocean, and it has a nice deck that lines the entire room! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted!

Choose Ceremony Site: Bailey’ Gazebo

Neither P-O double or I are very religious, so after leaving several messages with my church and never recieved a call back, we decide the Gazebo is perfect for use. Is sits right next to Oceanview so it has beautiful views of the water, and will be convinent guest.  Now let’s just hope for sunny weather!

note: the trash barrels pictured will not be guest at the ceremony. Maybe some pretty flowers in their place?

Bought my Dress:  

I went to several places and tied on about 100 dresses, yet I ended up coming back to the third dress I tried on. It’s from David’s Bridal, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that, in case a certain someone decides to take interest in the bloggie.

Booked a Photographer: Erin Chapman Photography

There are so many photographers out there, its hard to find the one that is right for you. I spent weeks and weeks looking at photographer’s websites, weight pros and cons, and again, picked the one I liked the best in the first place. My mother had initially talked me out of meeting with her because she was a good hour away. Somehow I talked her and P-O Double into taking the trip with me. We were all impressed. She is very down to earth, easy to talk to and extremely talented. She is also an artist, which to me is important because it shows how creative she is.

Booked a DJ: NuImage

These guys are the best of the best. At least that’s what all the reviews, everyone I talk to and their brother say. Their prices say it too. The DJ and photographer are two things I think worth spending the extra money on. Photographer because you will have the pictures forever, you want them to be great, and the DJ because you want the BEST PARTY EVER!

Book a hotel for guests: Check

 Reserve a limo: Check

Month 8-6

Choose Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal Dresses

I Decided on David’s Bridal Dresses, it was easier because they have all my info in the system and will call me an update on when the dresses come in. They are also affiliated with Men’s Wear house so when I order the Tuxes, the tie and vest colors are the same as the dress. The color is golden and I am obsessed with it, I want to be my own bridesmaid. Note: the dress also has pockets to put little treats if you get hungry during the ceremony. (my dress has pockets too!)

Booked a Florist: Lomas Flowers

Take engagement photos with photographer: Check


Booked our honeymoon: Majestic Elegance, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Please can we go now?!?!

Months 5-3

Send out Save the Dates: Check

Register for gifts: Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond

Choose Invitations: Check

Taste wedding cake flavors: D’Amici’s Bakery

Best night of my life! We tasted about 12 flavored. I loved them all, but we decided to go with chocolate chocolate moose and Vanilla French Cream. I’m obsessed!

Choose wedding bands: DeScenza Diamond

My engagement ring and band are a matching set. I am obsessed with them. P-O double is using his grandfathers ring which his mother gave him a few months before we became engaged. He is super excited about it. It is engraved with his grandparents wedding date 1954, we are getting our wedding date engraved opposite it!

Purchased Shoes: DSW

Buy cloths for the honeymoon: Began this process with a bathing suite binge at Target.

Month 2-day:

Choose hair style/stylist and makeup:

Assemble wedding favors:

Get dress fitted:

Rehearsal Dinner:

Get Nails done: Has anyone ever done gel nail polish?

Get a good night sleep

Wedding day!

Back at it

7 Mar

Hello Bloggie!

I’m back at it again!! I really want to be consistent with the bloggie and am really, really going to try this time!

So what has happened since my last post. Hummm, lets see… oh yeah I’M GETTING MARRIED!

In four months, June 23 to be exact, I will be a married woman!

Yup, the P-O double (his new blog nick name, you like)  🙂 and I got engaged over the summer and I have been thinking about/planning/obsessing over the upcoming day ever since.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and have learned a tone of stuff. From Meals & Moves, I learned about the Body for Life program, from the Fitnessista I discovered Bodyrock.tv and from Bodybuilding.com I have found some great workout/ nutrition tips.

The Fitnessita has a great ’09 summer shape up plan that I have been following for 2 weeks. Now that I have looked into Body for life, and Bodybuilding.com, I am going to use all three of these resources and created a personalized workout plan.

What works for me is mapping workouts on a weekly basis.

Hope this works! I’ll be back with more health logs and wedding info!